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Trade Show Pictures

Posted Nov 9th, 2015 in Uncategorized

Finally the pictures are ready to be posted. Thank you everybody who attended our first Trade Show. Without the help from everybody who pitched in, this show would not of been possible. Cheers to all your hard work!!

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Welcome to Our New Website

Posted Oct 18th, 2015

With a little help from our new friend, Debi Katsmar of PRowl Communications, we have revamped the website. It is now responsive for those of you who view it on your...

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Next Meeting

Posted Aug 19th, 2015

The next monthly meeting will be held at Brimstone Brewery. Brimstone Brewery was a sponsor and came out to our Trade show to pour beer for the crowd. In BCCA Niagara’s ongoing effort to “ Thank “ our sponsors we are headed out to...

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Our New Logo

Posted Aug 3rd, 2015 in Uncategorized

  bcca logo Our new logo has now been finalized. Thanks to president Larry...

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Posted Aug 3rd, 2015 in Uncategorized

Look for BCCA Niagara on Facebook. I try and keep it up to date as much as possible. Like us on Facebook, so all your friends know about us too. Cheers

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Simon Pure Newsletter

Posted Jul 29th, 2015

A link to the Simon Pure Newsletter has been added under the Simon Pure Section. Check out the very informative news letter.

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Updated Information

Posted Jul 16th, 2015

Look under Future Events, and Trade Show/ Car Show info for new information. The BCCA Niagara chapter  is bringing a greater awareness to people across the Niagara Region with regards to brewery collectibles. Cheers

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Niagara Antique Power Show

Posted Jun 17th, 2015

Saturday July 4& Sunday July 5 , 2015 All BCCA Niagara members are invited to attend this show and sell there  items. In our last monthly meeting we voted and agreed that this will be a fund raiser for...

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New Club in Niagara

Posted Apr 24th, 2015

We are a new club in the Niagara region, for collectors. We generally are collectors of beer memorabilia from the past and present.

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