Christmas Parties

Posted Dec 17th, 2015 in Uncategorized

Niagara members, The Christmas parties for BCCA Simon Pure and 12 Horse Chapters where a great success ! With there being no snow.....roads were clear and dry, which made it safe for travel to and from both parties. Niagara members Greg Dow , Jumbo and myself travelled to Mike Sandretto's home for the Simon Pure Christmas party. 15 Simon Pure members came out Monday night to enjoy some fellowship and see Mike Sandretto's awesome breweriana collection. Included in the hospitality were the World Famous Bocce Pizza and of course Simon Pure President Jeff Murbach brought a couple of growlers filled with beers he had produced himself. Good stuff !! He mentioned that he was out golfing !! BCCA Niagara signed up 2 new members Doug Schumer and Dave Przepiora...welcome to BCCA Niagara !! Tuesday night was 12 Horse Chapter Christmas Pparty, held at the Genesee Brew House next door to the Genesee Brewery in Rochester, NY. 9 members came out to enjoy fellowship and visit the museum and gift shop. 12 Horse chapter newsletter editor, Brian Coughlin has provided the museum with items for a display along with pamphlets that gives viewers of the display a chance to join the BCCA 12 Horse chapter. Museum curator Paul offered to bring 12 Horse members on a tour of the brewery in 2016....they need to pick a date and book it with Paul. A waitress handed me an large handful of coasters, so everyone at the table got coaters to update their collections. BCCA Niagara signed up 2 new members...12 Horse Chapter President Jeff Ingersoll and Craig Levin.....welcome to BCCA Niagara !!! BCCA Niagara presently sits at 63 members paid in full at this time !!! LAST CALL........Monday December 21 is BCCA Niagara's Christmas party 7pm Handlebar Hanks Roadhouse 30 Rice Road Welland, Ontario L3C 5Y6 Larry's cell 800 if you are having trouble finding the place !!!

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