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  • BCCA Niagara beer suds

    Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club!

    Niagara beer collectors meet monthly to share their collections, buy, sell, & trade. Learn More »

  • BCCA Niagara - taps

    Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club!

    Come out to our monthly meetings - learn what the Brewery Collectors Club of Niagara is about. Details here >>

  • BCCA Niagara - scholarship presentation

    Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club!

    Scholarship presentation to Niagara College for 2 students of the Brewmasters Program

  • BCCA Niagara - show

    Spring Buy, Sell & Trade Show

    Join us April 13th - 9am - 2pm Armenian Community Centre, St. Catharines - See Our Events Calendar for full details.

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Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club

Learn more about us here! >>

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Events Calendar

Beer collector happenings local and afar >>


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Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club

"Canada's Largest Brewery Collectibles Club With Over 180 Active Members!"

The Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club offers beer memorabilia collectors from across the globe the opportunity to meet, buy, sell, trade and show off their collections!
All breweries & beers are showcased through monthly meetings & shows.

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Spring 2024 Trade Show

Up Coming Events

Fall beer collectibles Trade Show

Become a Member 

Becoming a member of Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club is as simple as completing a form and telling us what you collect. Collectors just starting out, all the way to those with extensive beer collections are welcome. Membership is open to all!

Benefits of joining include:

  • Sharing your collection and knowledge with others
  • The ability to easily buy, sell and trade
  • Participation in our events and monthly meetings
  • Participation in other collectibles' association events

Even if you are not a collector yet, but share the fascination of brewers' history. You are welcome to join. 

Learn More »

Buy, Sell and Trade

As a member, the Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club would like to help you grow your collections. For this reason, we have established the Buy, Sell or Trade your collectibles page on the website. 

  • Send details to us, we will add the information to the website
  • You can include as many photos as you like
  • Remember to include contact information
  • And finally, let us know when your item has been sold, traded or found

We believe this service will be a widely used aspect of this, our new website. Please ensure you help us in keeping it up-to-date by notifying us as soon as your item has been sold or found. 

Buy Sell or Trade »
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Our Members

Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club is here to help you grow your collections, meet the people you need to meet, share the information and your collections with those interested and find just the right buyer for the products you have to sell. Networking plays a large role in building your collection. For this reason, in this area you will find our member list. 

  • Simply email us the information you wish to have in your member profile and we'll post it. 
  • Name, Phone Number, Email, Website, What you collect, what you're looking for, etc. 
  • Include photos if you like
  • Let us know if anything changes

Please note, we will not add your information until you submit it to us. 

Member Profiles
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Collectible Appraisals

With the ability and experience of The Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club and all its club members, we can tell you the estimated value and probably find a buyer for your item or items. If you know of an estate that needs to be cleaned out of brewery collectibles then call us for our expert help. If you have a brewery collection you no longer want, contact us via our web-page! Throughout Ontario and New York State we are hundreds strong, and feel confident to get you the value you deserve for your brewery collectibles…….

Get in touch with us or one of our members to learn more.

  • Estates
  • Storage units
  • Single Items
  • For those no longer collecting

We can help you get the value for your collection. Give us a call, complete the form, or share the information with people you know. 

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Become a Member today!