Chug-A-Lug Beer Exchange 2020

The Chug-A-Lug Beer Exchange is mostly a family and friends group for now! It use to be that the women would have a cookie exchange which still takes place as well, however during the exchange the guys would all go to the local bar for some beers and liver & onions! Aaron and Dieter decided that they should do some kind of exchange and they decided on beer!  The first time they did The Chug-A-Lug Beer Exchange there was only 14 people. Then it grew and grew! To keep costs down they had to cap it at 24 people! The name Chug-A-Lug Beer Exchange comes from a drinking card game that Aaron created called Chugs, a drinking card game. Basic rules for each participant; A date is chosen for the exchange, usually it is at a friends and family Christmas party but with Covid, there was a drive-by exchange! This year there were also a few other changes! Go to a local craft brewery or any craft brewery of their choice and buy 24 (or number of participants) of the same beer that you like or something new you want to try. When at the brewery, tell them about the Chug-A-Lug Beer Exchange and let them know how it works, see if they can throw anything in such as stickers, coasters, or such. At the actual Chug-A-Lug Beer Exchange they take all the beer that everyone brings and divvy it up into boxes so everyone gets one of every beer that participants bring! So you come with 24 of one brewer's beer and leave with 24 different brews! They also divvy stickers, coasters, or any other stuff up amongst their flats! Aaron made a wall bottle opener during the first year and they update it with a new sticker to place on the bottle opener for everyone that has been with us since the beginning! Cheers to all!

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